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Sixth Form

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Applied Science
Business Studies BTEC
Computer Science
English Language British Library, British Accents and Dialects The York English Language Toolkit BBC’s Word of Mouth programme
English Literature British Library, Discovering Literature Poetry by Heart A Personal Anthology: This is a collection of short story anthologies where someone gets the chance to name their 12 favourite short stories and make a virtual anthology. Some are themed, some are not but this is a great way to dip your toe into reading as they will take anything from five minutes to an hour-ish. There are links to some of them to read or listen to online. (Not all are available this way but lots of them are.
Geography BBC iplayer has a wide range of programmes which relate to many geography issues you will study. Here are some of our favourites:
  • Anything by David Attenborough, in particular 7 Worlds, 1 Planet
  • Earth from Space documentary series
  • Documentaries by Simon Reeve
Health and Social Care
Music The three links below will help you succeed in the ‘Planning a Career in the Music Industry’ unit we will be completing for your induction programme. In this unit there are two tasks:
  • Task 1 is all about you and is very inward looking. It requires no external research, but a lot of self-analysis and honesty.
  • Task 2 is all about careers in the music industry, so does require a lot of research about the UK’s music industry and the multitude of careers within it.
These three links will therefore help you immensely with Task 2!
Religious Education
Physical Education
Product Design
Psychology BTEC
Psychology A Level
Travel and Tourism