Standards and Performance Committee

At 鶹 Collegiate Academy, the Standards and Performance Committee are responsible for monitoring and reviewing the operational day-to-day running of the Academy.

It also acts as a consultative body for the main Trust Board. It is the responsibility of the Standards and Performance Committee to:

  • Act only in the Academy’s interest without regard to their private interests
  • Not derive any personal benefit or gain from the Trust or Academy of which they are trustee
  • Take professional advice on matters on which they are not competent
  • Monitor the work of the Academy and report on the progress within the framework set by the board
  • To act as a “critical” friend
  • To offer support and guidance (but are not closely involved in the day-to-day running of the school)

The Standards and Performance Committee has multiple roles within 鶹 Collegiate Academy, all of which allow for the successful running of our school. The committee’s duties include:

  • The implementation of decisions of the Academy Trust Board and the CEO
  • The management and organisation of the Academy in line with 鶹 Collegiate Academy Trust and individual Academy Development Plans
  • Ensuring pupil performance in relation to curriculum targets
  • The implementation of policies
  • Ensuring the implementation of all extended Academy activities
  • Monitoring performance in relation to the site and Health and Safety
  • Monitoring performance in relation to the financial position of the Academy
  • Ensuring that the performance of staff is excellent, including the use of appraisals and setting targets
  • Ensuring compliance with all relevant legislation

The Committee is made up of nine members in total and these members comprise of:

  • A Trustee/Governor appointed by the Principal as Chair for the academic year
  • Two family governors
  • One staff governor
  • Three community governors
  • The Principal of the Academy
  • One co-opted trustee/governor

Chair of the Standards and Performance Committee:

Michael Conway-Jones


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