Extra Curricular Activities


Extra – Curricular activities refer to all of the opportunity that is offered to students outside of the regular teaching hours.  SCA provides a substantial list of diverse activities that happen every afternoon after school is finished. With so many clubs on offer each week, your child is sure to find something that suits their interest, and we fully encourage them to try it out and get involved.

Families are able to view which clubs students have signed up to by logging in to .  If you require any help logging in to Edulink One please call the school or consult the guide which can be found by clicking .


In order to get the most out of a students time here at SCA we encourage all students both new and existing to make use of the free opportunities that are put on. Attending a club regularly will help build knowledge, show commitment and above all be a lot of fun for the pupils. A student who embraces and takes advantage of Extra – Curricular opportunities will make a more well-rounded University applicant as well as showing qualities desirable in future work or apprenticeships.

With a range of activities stretching from Sports based, Performing Arts as well as a number of classroom and academic based, there is opportunity to stretch and improve students knowledge and understanding in subjects that they are familiar in or try something completely new.
Students and families are able to sign up to clubs through Edulink. It is the students responsibility to let you at home know when they are staying late to avoid any worry or confusion.


Our partnership with Birmingham Hippodrome (HEN- Hippodrome Educational Network) has been an exceptional experience.

鶹 Theatre school creates two shows each year. These shows are then performed to families and Academy students. Previous shows include: Guys and Dolls, Peter Pan, Aladdin, Matilda, Mary Poppins, Hairspray and many more. By taking part in such large-scale projects students have had the opportunity to develop their personal well-being, confidence, developed tenacity, friendships and transferable skills to apply throughout everyday life.

Additionally, our partnership gives access to our students to attend professional shows at the Hippodrome and even have access to the cast where they can explore the opportunities of becoming a professional in the industry. The partnership has opened up so many opportunities for our students. It has formed a unique experience enabling our students to see world class Theatre and develop their understanding of the process and dedication required, not only to work independently but most importantly as part of a team. These experiences have led to more confidence when communicating with peers and professionals and using the support and guidance they have received to embark on ambitious career choices not only in the performing arts but in all aspects of their life.