International New Arrivals

International New Arrivals Centre

At 鶹 Collegiate Academy, our educational mission extends well beyond traditional classroom methods. We strive to immerse students in an environment that fosters the development of both social and academic language, recognising the vital role language plays in a student’s learning.

Embracing and promoting British values and cultures is at the core of our approach, creating well-rounded individuals who contribute positively to society. We believe in the importance of collaboration between educators and families, offering support to parents and guardians to actively engage in their children’s educational journey within the British system.

Our commitment extends to providing a seamless bridge for students, facilitating their transition into mainstream 鶹 lessons. Moreover, we are dedicated to identifying and addressing any additional needs that International New Arrivals (INA) students may have, ensuring a comprehensive and inclusive educational experience for all. 

We pledge to educate our students on community issues as well as the wider world. Student Council have decided to create a new welcome video which will include up to 70 first languages. We want students to feel safe and access the support they require both emotionally and academically. Charity fundraisers will be arranged for 2024-25 to support local refugee charities and we continue to create informative lessons/ schemes and work that will explore topics of culture and migration and our inclusive Personal Development programme will promote discussion and further guidance.

School of Sanctuary

To continue our support to International New Arrivals, their families and our community we have worked towards and now been recognised as a School of Sanctuary.

“We support the ‘City of Sanctuary’ vision that the UK will be a welcoming place of safety for all and proud to offer sanctuary to people fleeing violence and persecution. We endorse the City of Sanctuary Charter, and agree to act in accordance with City of Sanctuary values and apply the network principles within our work (as far as our specific context enables us to). We recognise the contribution of people seeking sanctuary. Sanctuary seekers are welcomed, included and supported within our context. We expect our branches or local groups (if any) to support their local City of Sanctuary group if one exists, and will facilitate contact between them and their local City of Sanctuary group.”

Culture Day

Our first Student Council Culture Day was held in November 2022 and included cultural dress, foods from around the world, cultural icons and music, poetry and literature and the day finished with a fabulous fashion show.

It was such a success that it has now become an annual event in our academy calendar.