Our students deserve the best learning and teaching experiences possible

Many of our students come from disadvantaged backgrounds and therefore should be equipped with the skills to become successful in their adult lives.

The mathematics curriculum aims to create curiosity as well as supporting students to become independent learners. Students are encouraged to ask ‘why?’ and ‘how’ concepts work as well as questioning their learning in order to deepen their understanding. Through the development of curiosity students are provided with the skills to become lifelong learners. Our curriculum aims to offer appropriate challenge to ensure all students are able to fulfil their potential though high expectations.


Students are taught mathematics by their L4L teachers where they build upon the knowledge and skills gained in Key Stage 2 in the areas of number, Algebra, Handling Data and Shape and Space. The L4L curriculum provides the students a fantastic opportunity to apply their numerical skills in a range of contexts allowing them to clearly see the connections between other subjects and what they have learnt in mathematics.

Students build upon the skills and core knowledge gained in year 7 in the areas of Number, Algebra, Handling Data and Shape and Space. All students are exposed to a range of rich mathematical tasks to ensure they are able to develop a deep understanding of the content taught. They are provided with a range of online resources to supplement their learning in school allowing further opportunities to deepen their knowledge and skills. The students follow a particular pathway based on their prior attainment, potential and skill allowing them to be appropriately supported and challenged in order to make progress towards fulfilling their potential.

Students are grouped in order for them to follow a particular pathway that allows them to be supported and appropriately challenged in order to make progress throughout the year. They build upon the skills and knowledge they have been taught in years 7 and 8 in the areas of Number, Algebra, Handling Data and Shape and Space so they are best prepared for the next phase of their learning journey. Teaching focusses on understanding to ensure students are fluent in what they have been taught and are able to apply these skills to reason and problem solve.

Students begin their GCSE course in year 10 which builds upon the skills they have been taught in Key Stage 3 developing their knowledge and skills to an even higher standard allowing them to fulfil their potential at the end of the course. Students will have access to a range of materials aimed at supporting their learning allowing students to experience a wide variety of mathematical problems.

In year 11 students will complete the final stages of the GCSE course and prepare for their exams at the end of the year. Students will be exposed to a wide range of different problems and examination style questions in order to ensure they are fully prepared for the final GCSE examinations. Throughout the year students will be fully supported and guided by their teachers to ensure they are fully prepared and have the best possible opportunities to fulfil their potential.

At A-Level students embark on a journey linking their prior learning at GCSE and higher level mathematics. Throughout the course student will study pure mathematics which covers the underlying concepts and structures of mathematics. Additionally, students will study the applied units in mechanics and statistics which allow students to appreciate mathematics in a more contextualised manner making links to the real world.

All students are encouraged to use graphical calculators in order to integrate technology in their learning to support their learning allowing them to obtain a visual perspective of the graphical elements of the course.

How will I be assessed?

Examination board: Edexcel

Students will be assessed by completing three written papers:

Paper 1 – Pure Mathematics (2 hours)

Paper 2 – Pure Mathematics (2 hours)

Paper 3 – Statistics and Mechanics (2 hours)

Each paper has a total of 100 marks

Students who demonstrate a flair for mathematics and have a genuine interest in developing their mathematics to an even higher standard are able to study the Further mathematics course. This is an additional A-Level to the Mathematics, resulting in students achieving two qualifications in Mathematics. The course is studied alongside the A-Level Mathematics course and the content has been carefully ordered to support this; ensuring students have the pre-requisite knowledge before learning a new topic.

How will I be assessed?

Examination board: Edexcel

Paper 1 – Core Pure Mathematics 1 (90 mins)

Paper 2 – Core Pure Mathematics 2 (90 mins)

Optional Paper 1 (90 mins)

Optional Paper 2 (90 mins)

Each paper has a total of 75 marks



The skills developed through the study of Mathematics include logical and critical thinking in addition to problem solving, all of which are highly sought after by employers. In an ever-changing world the ability to be an effective problem solver will only grow in importance.

Careers in Mathematics include:

  • Engineering
  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Teaching
  • Medicine
  • Dentistry
  • Computing


Examination board: Edexcel

Students will be assessed by completing three written papers:

Paper 1 – non calculator (90 mins)

Paper 2 – Calculator (90 mins)

Paper 3 – Calculator (90 mins)

Each paper has a total of 80 marks


All basic number skills are a good foundation to start from. Students should have the ability to persevere and attempt problem-solving tasks.

Mr Grant

Head of Department

I began my career in the finance industry reaching a position of Senior Business Manager for the RBS group until working for a not-for-profit loan company that helped businesses through the credit crunch. My mother taught in inner city schools for over 40 years, so education was always a passion of mine and when I decided upon a career change, moving into teaching was an obvious choice. I trained at 鶹 Collegiate Academy and it is the only school I have ever wanted to work in. The passion and commitment shown by staff and students alike are an inspiration and I now have the privilege to lead a team of dedicated staff in assisting our fabulous students to flourish and exceed their expectations.