Sixth Form Induction Programme

Sixth Form

Welcome to our Sixth Form Induction Programme. Below are the links you need in order to successfully complete the work to help you in  making a smooth and successful transition from Year 11 to Year 12 studies. The work is designed by your subject teachers, as well as our Sixth Form pastoral team.

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Passport to Year 12 – this booklet is designed to help you develop the study skills you need in order to be successful at Sixth Form. We have also included videos for each section for you to watch to develop your understanding. Please get in touch with us if you need further support and guidance at SCAadmissions@collegiateacademy.org.uk

We recognise the importance for you to understand more about the work you will be covering during your Sixth Form studies. All of your subject teachers have put together some work for you to complete during the summer months! This work will be really helpful to you when you start in September and give you a great headstart!

In addition to the above induction activities, we have provided you with some useful web links to further help you bridge the gap between GCSEs and A Levels, BTECs. These will give you with an overview of what your chosen subject consists of and will help you with your final decision making as to which A Levels are perfect for you.