Students and Families

At 鶹 Collegiate Academy it is important to recognise students’ achievements in order to build self-esteem and confidence and to motivate our students to continue working hard both in academic subjects and in performance subjects. Success is celebrated in a wide variety of ways here at the Academy.

At the end of each term, reward assemblies are held to celebrate success.  Each department area nominates students who deserve recognition for the work and/or effort achieved for that term. These assemblies are wonderful occasions as so many students are recognised for their successes. Heads of Departments give out the certificates and members of the Senior Leadership Team attend to congratulate the students.

Excellent attendance is a key factor to student success and every term the tutor group with the best overall attendance are also rewarded during the Rewards assembly.

Throughout the year our dance, drama and music departments showcase students work in the auditorium.  These are tremendous evenings, and our students perform to a full house.

During the academic year the academy hosts an Awards Evening which aims to recognise successes in A Level, BTEC, and GCSE courses alongside departmental and pastoral awards for students from Key Stage 3 through to Key Stage 5.  This is a very prestigious occasion which culminates in the Sir Mark Grundy Award being presented to a student who has been chosen by Sir Mark.


E-Praise is the Academy rewards system where students can earn points to make prizes. Points can be awarded from all teachers in one of the following categories:  

  • 𲹳پ t󾱲԰쾱Բ į
  • ԻԻԳ l𲹰ԾԲ 
  • ڱ𳦳پ l𲹰ԾԲ į
  • Following academy ethos  
  • ձ𲹳ɴǰ į
  • dzɴǰ į
  • Attendance to clubs  

Students can then spend their points in the E-praise shop, where they can purchase small sweets, toys, books and academy experiences. 

Strive For Five

Strive for Five is calculated by dividing student e-praise points by their behaviour points.  

Students monitor their weekly strive for five score and set positive targets for the week ahead. Students are encouraged to strive to achievea score offive or more to allow them the opportunity to accessAcademy rewards, trips and activities offered to them in their year group. 

Behaviour Management Services

At 鶹, exceptionally high standards of behaviour are driven by the non-teaching Behaviour Management Services (BMS) team led by the Assistant Principal for behaviour.


  • We have very high expectations of all of our students – they know and appreciate their education and the opportunities they receive at 鶹 are dependent on them consistently meeting our expectations.
  • Teachers need to be able to teach free of disruption in order to maximise student learning.
  • Our staff should endeavour to build excellent professional relationships with all our students and their families to support their academic and holistic development.


  • Immediate availability of dedicated staff to respond to both students and staff in their desire to deliver uninterrupted lessons.
  • Immediate communication to families on the outcomes of incidents or queries to ensure that matters are dealt with swiftly and fairly.
  • Consistent staffing on duty at the beginning of the day, break, lunch and the end of the day to ensure a consistent approach to behaviour management and recognisable faces to support students.
  • They run interventions to support students to meet the high standards of behaviour that are expected at all times at 鶹. This will occasionally mean liaising with other departments within the Academy but also agencies outside such as community mentoring.

The BMS’ approach guarantees consistency for all stakeholders and is a key contributing factor to the superb behaviour and attitudes our students routinely display, both inside and outside the academy.