Drama enables students to develop key skills, such as confidence, communication, problem-solving and team-work, that are highly desirable to employers, colleges and universities

The skills developed are applicable to a wide range of employment and education sectors, not just the creative industries.

Our links with Birmingham Hippodrome Education Network allow us to offer incredible performance opportunities, both within the Academy and the local community, as well as regular contact with professionals currently working within the Creative Arts industries.

Page to Stage

Students practically explore a published play, focusing on characterisation, performance skills and staging techniques. They explore the themes, plot and structure, as well as perform scenes from the selected play.

The Night Circus 

Students use the knowledge they have gained through studying a professional play to devise their own performances. They will be taught a range of drama techniques to use within their devised work, including mime, narration, and physical theatre.

Myths and Legends

Students practically explore a range of myths and legends from different countries and cultures. They devise performance pieces that expand on existing stories, using a range of drama techniques to communicate with an audience.

Time Travellers

Students explore historical events, including the Salem witch trials and Titanic, and use the historical context as a basis for their performance. They place fictional characters within the historical context to tell stories that communicate meaning to the audience.

Break the Wall

An exploration of a range of genres, themes and styles that break the fourth wall. Students explore a range of genres from television and film, and then focus their exploration on physical theatre. They apply physical theatre techniques to a theme and then to a scene from a play.

Night at the Museum

Students devise work based on a journey around a museum. They explore a range of specific theatrical genres and styles, use a range of stimuli (such as artwork, objects, music, and news articles), and focus on how to communicate intentions with an audience.



At KS4 we deliver the Eduqas Level 2 Technical Award in Performing Arts. The qualification is made up of 3 units:

Unit 1: Performing

Students will learn the skills and techniques needed to produce a successful performance of an existing play. Assessment will be based on the performance of a scene from their chosen play script, an introduction to the scene and an evaluation of their performance.

Unit 2: Creating

Students will learn how to create a refine their own original performance work. Assessment will be based on the development of a 3–10 minute devised performance, including written explanation of their contribution to the process and an evaluation of the performance.

Unit 3: Performing Arts in Practice

Students will be taught how to respond to a commission, learning about the pitching process as well as developing a show piece for performance. Assessment will be based on a live pitch to a panel, including a short performance and presentation of ideas. 

What can the subject lead to?

Studying Drama can lead directly to a career within the Performing Arts industry, in one of thousands of roles, not just that of an actor. The Creative Arts industry currently the fastest growing industry in the UK, accounting for 1 in 11 jobs.

Studying Drama can also lead to Level 3 Performing Arts courses.

Crucially, studying Drama can support a student’s progression into any career or Level 3 course due to the desirable skill set that students develop as part of their studies. These include, but are not limited to, creativity, problem-solving, teamwork, communication skills, presentation skills, resilience, leadership, and self-management.


The course is 100% coursework based, with evidence being presented through a mixture of written coursework and video evidence of performances and presentations. The first two units are assessed by teaching staff and the final unit is carried out under controlled assessment conditions and is sent to the exam board for assessment.


Students who choose to study Drama must have a passion for the subject, enjoy a practical approach to their learning and be able to work with others. Students will need to perform to a live audience on several occasions throughout the course, so must enjoy performing.


鶹 Collegiate Academy has a partnership with Hippodrome Education Network. This partnership enables us to offer professional experiences to the students, with performance opportunities and regular contact with professional performing artists. There are several opportunities to watch live professional performances at the theatre, as well as behind the scenes tours of both theatres and television studios.

Mrs Banbury

Head of Department

Studied Performing Arts at De Montfort University, subsequently gaining a PGCE in Secondary Drama from Birmingham City University. Before teaching she gained industry experience, working on touring productions in both acting and physical theatre. She has been teaching at 鶹 since 2003.