Physical Education


Physical Education is held in high esteem at 鶹 Collegiate Academy and provides students with a wide variety of experiences and opportunities. The aim is to inspire students to partake in physical activity and sport, developing a range of transferrable skills which they can use both in and out of the education setting. We look to develop a passion for sporting performance, combined with the life skills of leadership, teamwork, communication and tolerance.

We provide opportunities for students to become inspired by sport (focus days, clubs etc), work collaboratively together in all lessons, as part of teams and a group of leaders, and become innovative in the way that they solve problems within lessons.

PE is a BTEC qualification.


Students in KS3 follow a programme of study which aligns to the National Curriculum for Physical Education. The aim of the department is the bridge the transition from Primary School and focus on the core skills and attributes needed to succeed in sport. At its core, the lessons are underpinned with the value that students should be physically active for the majority of their lesson, and that they understand the value and need to remain both physically and mentally healthy. Students experience a wide range of individual and team sports including Rugby, Netball, Basketball, Handball, Football, Table Tennis, Rounders, Cricket and Health Related Fitness. Students are assessed on the competency of “acquisition of skill”. Students learn a variety of transferrable skills and develop their ability to apply them accurately and consistently in competitive situations.

The curriculum is enhanced by a broad extra-curricular offer available to all students. These clubs focus on participation but also have teams competing in both Sandwell and national leagues.

In core PE in year 10 students study a variety of sports and develop their knowledge and understanding of tactics of the games. They are able to apply the skills learnt in KS3 while improving their performance further.  Students are also given opportunities to lead their peers during lessons.

If they wish, Students have the opportunity to study BTEC Technical Award Level 1/2 in Sport.

The Tech Award gives learners the opportunity to develop sector-specific applied knowledge and skills through realistic vocational contexts. Learners will have the opportunity to develop applied knowledge and skills in the following areas:

  • investigating provisions for sport including equipment and facilities to enhance sport
  • planning and delivery of sport drills and sessions
  • fitness for sport including fitness testing and methodology.

Learners will undertake practical sessions to develop skills in planning and delivering sports activity sessions to participants. The qualification enables learners to develop their sector-specific skills, such as sport analysis and sports leadership, using realistic vocational contexts, and personal skills, such as communication, planning, time management and teamwork through a practical and skills-based approach to learning and assessment.

Core PE in year 11 focuses on giving students choice.  Each half term students are given the option of which sport they want to participate in with a focus on consolidating and enhance skills required for each sport, knowledge of the rules and regulations and a combination of interpersonal skills which aid them in performance.  Students take on an increased responsibility for the autonomous running of competitive situations.  The aim of year 11 PE is to develop a life long love of physical activity and to give students to opportunity to develop a enhanced knowledge and understanding of sports which they may participate in when they leave the Academy.

Students who have chosen to study the BTEC Technical Award L1/2 in Sport will continue there studies in year 11.


The PE department currently offer the BTEC Extended Certificate in Sport as a qualification at level 3. Students have the opportunity to learn a broad basis of study for the sport sector and the qualification is designed to support progression to higher education when taken as part of a programme of study that includes other appropriate BTEC Nationals or A levels.

The Extended Certificate in Sport is designed as a two-year full time course with students having the opportunity to leave with a BTEC qualification of a Pass, Merit, Distinction or Distinction*. The qualification is equivalent in size to one A level.

During the two-year course students explore the opportunities available to them in the sports industry, take part in a wide range of individual and team sports, and examine the anatomy and physiology of the human body.

In total, students cover four units, two in Y12 and two in Y13. In each year students are assessed with an examination unit and a course work based unit.

In the first year of study students will cover the following units:

Unit 1 – Anatomy & Physiology
This is the exam based unit and will involve students to acquire the knowledge and understanding of the human body. At the end of the year, students will sit their 1 hour and a half examination paper which is out of 80 marks.

Unit 3 – Professional Development In The Sports Industry

This is a coursework based unit where students will be expected to complete assignments throughout their first year. As the title of the unit suggests students will be exploring the many different career aspects in the sports industry and how they can improve their own personal/professional skills to pursue a career not only in sport but a career of their choice.

In the second year of study students will cover the following units:

Unit 2 – Fitness Training & Programming for Health, Sport and Well-Being

This is the exam based unit and involves students to acquire knowledge about the health and fitness industry. Students will be responsible for fitness testing and programming for individuals with different needs. This may involve screening for clients and designing fitness training programmes.

Unit 7- Practical Sports Performance

This will be the coursework based unit and will give pupils the opportunity to take part in practical sessions with looks at individual and team sports. Students will be expected to demonstrate the skills, techniques and tactics of a wide range of individual and team sports. Students will then have the opportunity to critically assess the performances of others as well as their own.

As part of the specification, students have the opportunity to take part in seminars at University that are not only linked to sport but general life at University. Students on the course will also have the chance to attend an outdoor residential visit that involves students’ participation in a wide range of outdoor adventurous activities such as kayaking, climbing and abseiling to name a few.


鶹 Collegiate Academy offers a variety of sports that students can take part in as part of the extracurricular programme. We encourage as many students as possible to attend these clubs, whether it is competitive or to encourage healthy living. We offer a wide range of opportunities for students to engage in competitive sport. These Sports include Basketball, Trampolining, Learning to Swim, Netball, Rugby and Football. The Academy regularly brings in expert coaches to run extra curricular clubs. The aim of the extra curricular programme is to enhance the skills that students learn in lessons and give students the opportunity, if they wish to, compete against other schools in Sandwell and the Black Country. Extra curricular is a great way to increase physical activity levels, make new friends and develop teamwork skills. 鶹 PE department have extensive links with sports clubs in the local area and extra curricular clubs are and excellent stepping stone to joining sports teams outside of the Academy.


The PE department also offer students the opportunity to complete the Duke of Edinburgh award. Any young person can do their DofE – regardless of ability, gender, background or location. Achieving an Award isn’t a competition or about being first. It’s all about setting personal challenges and pushing personal boundaries. The DofE award is a tool to develop essential skills for life and work. It is a recognised mark of achievement; respected by employers..

14-24 year-olds can do a DofE programme at one of three progressive levels which, when successfully completed, leads to a Bronze, Silver or Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

There are  to complete at Bronze and Silver level and five at Gold. They involve helping the community/environment, becoming fitter, developing new skills, planning, training for and completing an expedition and, for Gold only, working with a team on a residential activity.

Through a DofE programme young people have fun, make friends, improve their self-esteem and build confidence. They gain essential skills and attributes for work and life such as resilience, problem-solving, team-working, communication and drive, enhancing CVs and uni and job applications. .

Mrs Brooks

Head of Department

Studied Sport and Exercise Science at Leeds Metropolitan University and gained a first class honors degree. Went on to complete a PGCE in Secondary PE. Regularly plays Netball for a team based in Birmingham.