The structure of the course allows you to develop your interests and gain a broad foundation in all areas of Art

This Art and Design course will give you the knowledge, understanding and competency needed when considering entering employment in the Art and Design sector. You will gain grounding in the essential skills and broad fundamentals crucial to Art and Design, giving you the opportunity to build on these by progressing to a Level 3

This is a broad course exploring practical and critical/contextual work through a range of 2D and/or 3D processes and new media and technologies. It is an unendorsed course where candidates can work in appropriate art, craft and design materials and processes. Candidates should produce practical and contextual work associated with two or more of the endorsements below.

Candidates are required to develop knowledge, understanding and skills through integrated practical, critical and theoretical study that encourages direct engagement with original works and practice. Candidates may work with both traditional and new media.


Year 7 begin the year with a Base Line Test. This leads on an exciting project based around Colour Theory and composition of ideas. They conclude the year with the exploration of numerous drawing technics.

Year 8 continue to extend their knowledge and skills further from Year 7. They work to a higher-level exploring artist and technic.

In Year 9 the course builds upon the valuable foundation skills taught in Years 7 to 8 and it prepares the pupils for GCSE Art. For some pupils it will be their last experience of Art within the classroom and therefore the projects are developed to keep the experience inspirational, fun and thought-provoking.

In Year 10 we offer Edexcel Art GCSE to all pupils. With a broad range of experiences and expertise within the Art department the course will allow pupils to pursue their own ideas in sculpture and ceramics, painting, drawing, printmaking, digital photography. Art and Design is a very unique subject within the curriculum. It is a subject which focuses on the development of an individual’s ideas, confidence in problem-solving and modes of self-expression. Skills and techniques will be included within the structure of the course but in essence it is about being able to express yourself, the world and what is around you. The Art Department has an open door policy, which enables pupils to develop a positive work ethic and dedicate as much time as they can to keeping up with the demands of the course.

Students will continue on their coursework project which will culminate in a final piece showing a clear creative journey.

Students then complete the SET TASK by choosing a question from the exam paper to investigate and make work. This is worth 40% of the mark. Students have a 10 hour timed session to produce a final piece.


The aims of the course are to encourage personal, creative and imaginative approaches to Art and Design. The course has a two unit structure, allowing the pupils to follow a broad and flexible path with their work. Pupils are encouraged to work with both traditional and new media, therefore preparing them for higher levels of study in other Art and Design qualifications. An Art A-Level aims to develop an independence of mind in relation to developing the pupils own ideas, refining their own intentions and personal outcomes. It should also lead to an understanding of the interrelationships between Art, Craft and Design processed and an awareness of the contexts in which they operate.


Unit 1: Portfolio of Work

Controlled Assessment, set and marked by centre and moderated by EdExcel.

80 marks – 60%

Candidate portfolio selected from work undertaken during course of study and must include more than one project.

Unit 2: Externally Set Task

Question papers issued from 1 January.

Marked by centre and moderated by EdExcel.

80 marks – 40%

There is unlimited preparation time.

10 hours of sustained focused study.

Candidates respond to their chosen starting point.

Mr Jason King

Head of Department

The Head of Department Mr Jason King works alongside Miss Annette Arnold, Miss Ellie Hayward and Miss Lydia Parkes. All deliver across all three Key Stages and offer expertise across most disciplines within Art such as drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture. Miss Carrie O'Neill and Mrs Charlotte Boden are our Textiles specialists, who work across both the Art and Design departments.