Subject Resources

Sixth Form

Below are the links for you to click on. You can choose as many as you like to complete, but we would advise you to start by choosing the 3 subjects you are most interested in studying in September. We have also included the contact details for your subject teacher, should you wish to get in touch. They would be happy to hear from you and are there to help in whatever way they can!



Main Teacher: Mr Cooper

Email: michael.cooper@collegiateacademy.org.uk

A Level Psychology

Main Teacher: Mrs K Dodd

Email: karen.dodd@collegiateacademyorg.uk

BTEC Psychology

Main Teacher: Miss L Price

Email: lorna.price@collegiateacademyorg.uk

BTEC Applied Human Biology

Main Teacher: Mr A Din

Email: aleem.din@collegiateacademyorg.uk


Main Teacher: Ms Fitzpatrick

Email: rachel.fitzpatrick@collegiateacademy.org.uk

BTEC Applied Science

Main Teacher: Mrs Bains

Email: hardeep.bains@collegiateacademy.org.uk

Business Studies

Main Teacher: Mr Reade

Email: antony.reade@collegiateacademy.org.uk


Main Teacher: Mrs Junio

Email: regina.junio@collegiateacademy.org.uk

Computer Science

Main Teacher: Mr Egere Jr

Email: Edward.EgereJr@collegiateacademy.org.uk

Dance Induction

Main Teacher: Jemma Hughes

Email: jemma.hughes@collegiateacademy.org.uk

Design Technology

Main Teacher: Mr Bruce

Email: thomas.bruce@collegiateacademy.org.uk

English Language

Main Teacher: Mrs Z Hayden

Email: zoe.hayden@collegiateacademy.org.uk

English Language Independent Preparation for A Level

English Literature

Main Teacher: Ms K Simpson

Email: kate.simpson@collegiateacademy.org.uk

English Literature Independent Preparation for A Level from EMC


Main Teacher: Miss F Nawaz

Email: fariha.nawaz@collegiateacademy.org.uk

Geography – Nepal earthquake case study

Geography – Italy earthquake case study

BTEC Health and Social Care

Main Teacher: Miss L Price

Email: lorna.price@collegiateacademy.org.uk


Main Teacher: Mr A Smith

Email: andy.smith@collegiateacademy.org.uk

Information Technology

Main Teacher: Mr Forbes

Email: junior.forbes@collegiateacademy.org.uk

Information Technology


Main Teacher: Mr Hughes

Email: alan.hughes@collegiateacademy.org.uk

Music Web Links


Main Teacher: Mr J King

Email: jason.king@collegiateacademy.org.uk

Religious Education

Main Teacher: Mr Lindo

Email: brad.lindo@collegiateacademy.org.uk


Main Teacher: Mr S Stewart

Email: steven.stewart@collegiateacademy.org.uk

Social Sciences – Lesson Schedule


Main Teacher: Mr R Sangha

Email: rajwant.sangha@collegiateacademy.org.uk

Travel and Tourism

Main Teacher: Miss C Loxton

Email: chelsea.loxton@collegiateacademy.org.uk